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Home Truth About Property Investment Guide

This guide ‘The Home Truth About Property Investment’ is a great starting point for aspirational property investors as it covers the general kaleidoscope of property investment basics.


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Commercial Property Guide

Britain is a nation of property lovers but instead of investing in a more traditional residential property why not buy a bit of Commercial Property; the local High Street, an office block, a car park or a warehouse? 


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Social Housing

Social Housing appeals to many investors as an income-focused strategy that gives the satisfaction of providing decent homes for people who might not otherwise be able to afford them.


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Distressed Property

This introduction to Distressed Property is designed to help the investor source these types of property, how to negotiate for them and how to access the appropriate finance. Having acquired your property you need to understand what the renovation process entails and how to manage it.  


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Lease Options

Lease Options are causing quite a buzz in the investment market and people increasingly want to know about them. Lease Options allow you to generate a monthly income from a property that you don’t own, they give you the benefit of the capital growth of the property, and they’re also a good investment strategy because they don’t require huge financial resources. 

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An HMO, or House of Multiple Occupancy, is defined as ‘an entire house or flat let to three or more tenants from two or more households who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet.’  Discover how this strategy can be some lucrative.

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This introduction to the sourcing business is designed to help the investor see the potential of creating a business through controlling and negotiating deals and earning a fee from that work.  The key to successfully running a sourcing business is finding good opportunities and seeing potential where other people don’t.

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Auctions can be daunting for the novice investor as there is a rigid set of rules and legal process which is set and inflexible.  Some people feel nervous at the thought of buying through auction because of the pressure of bidding in an auction room, immediately exchanging contracts and being committed to the purchase.  However, auctions can provide a consistent source of good potential investment property and with the right systems and strategies investors can take the anxiety out of the auction experience and set themselves up for auction success.

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Business Planning

Your business and marketing plans are not things you will hammer out once and for all at the start of your investment journey.  They are plans that you will hone, adapt and develop over time as you and your business grow.  As any entrepreneur knows, a thriving business takes thorough research, knowledge, goal-setting, and vision.  These are the very backbone of a well thought out plan that will be your springboard to success.  Learn how you can write yours today!

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