What no-one teaches you at school about How to Win in Life. At BackleyBlack, we have spent the past 10 years delivering performance workshops to leadership teams and talent teams, always looking to provoke a level of thinking in them to see what they can do to become even more effective. Our performance model is based on just five key success traits that we have observed in high achievers and ones that can absolutely offer a development model for the successful property investor.

At BackleyBlack, we believe this model of performance traits for Olympians is equally as applicable in business and success in everyday life. What might it look like to consider these traits when mapping out your future as a property investor?

Have you already found your passion? Do you really know what and why you are doing what you are doing in property. If so, do your actions concur with this approach? We encourage individuals and teams we work with to take the time to establish clear personal values. We then help them to design personal plans that are aligned to these with commitment and purpose.

What do you believe is possible? We touch on this a lot because, of course, limiting beliefs are ones that really hold us back. Beliefs are typically built on assumptions and assumptions are often based on perceptions and strong experiences form our past. Taking a closer look at these assumptions inevitably helps individuals to take stock of which ones might be getting in the way.

Do you have clarity of what it is you are trying to achieve? Sometimes we all need to be reminded of this, especially in the ever-changing world we find ourselves in; taking a fresh look at where we are and where we are going is key. This can be tough, as inevitably we will carry the assumptions we have made along the way. Taking a fresh and uncluttered look at both where we are, and where we are going, can help align our efforts

Do you have the right people around you for each stage of your journey? What might you have overlooked in this regard? Do you have the people with the three fundamental aspects – skills, knowledge and behaviours, to help you reach your dreams; remembering that it is imperative to have all three covered.

What does your maximum look like? And what actions do you need to take to fulfil this? Striving for the next rung on the ladder is key. Small steps in the direction of your ultimate performance will take you there in time. What can you do to sharpen your saw, to raise your bar and, in every way, improve what you do?

What this means as a property investor? There are lots of transferable behaviours for the property investor to take on board here. The ‘take aways’ for you may be to challenge your strategies, your actions, your teams on the ground, or the fundamentals behind your investment. In essence, applying this performance model is a way of taking stock and doing a little Performance MOT: A way of ensuring all is in place for you to set up and then enjoy the success you deserve.