Creatures of habit. Always do what you’ve always done and you’ll always get what you’ve always got…

Academics at Duke University in North America have revealed that around 50% of everything we do on a daily basis is born out of habit. So we should choose our actions, wisely.

That said, if we are unlikely to be aware of these actions and we simply do them because we have always done them, we are unlikely to be looking for new or better ways of living. This may be perfectly appropriate in certain tasks, like brushing your teeth or changing gear in your car.

But what about the important decisions you make, like making large investments to secure your financial future? When did you last have a look at the decisions that are crucial to your success and check in to see how these are working for you? Sadly, the University doesn’t have a statistic on this.


So when we consider our habits, what is it about these habits that might be in our way towards a brighter future? Are they driven by some internal self-chat or maybe how we feel about money. All of our behaviours are typically based on our assumptions. Our assumptions are born out of experiences (and perceived experiences) that we have had and our habits manifest themselves from here. Our habits will either help or hinder us.

The real question to ask ourselves is “Which habits have I adopted, both good and bad? And which one or ones do I want to change?”. At Perform in Property we focus on the mindset of successful performance and how you too can optimise it in a way that can help you unlock your ultimate performance.

So, in practical terms, for the property investor, “Which habits are helping me move towards my chosen outcome and which no longer serve my best interests?” Take the time to recognise the thoughts, actions, strategies and processes you adopt and ensure they are optimal and not just in place because you have always done them. Quite often, working through these with a friend or mentor can help you to take stock of them and not simply ‘self-justify’ them.

Steve Backley.

Steve Backley OBE is co-founder of Perform in Property professional property training, together with fellow GB Olympian Roger Black MBE and industry leaders, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc.
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