One of the highlights of Roger’s sporting career culminated at the legendary 1991 World Championships’ 4 x 400m relay in Tokyo with fellow team-mates Kriss Akabusi, John Regis and Derek Redmond. These spirited GB runners took a gamble by sending Roger out first. They were up against the dominant US and knew they had to pull out all the stops to win. And win they did, with the best of British teamwork.

Having retired from athletics in 1998, Roger has since built up a respected training and performance business with fellow athlete, Steve Backley OBE, called BackleyBlack. These two sporting legends, both very different in character yet complementing each other perfectly, have travelled the world, teaching individuals and corporations alike how to achieve peak performance in business and working environments.

According to Roger, “The mindset for success is similar, regardless of whether you are a 400m runner or whether you are launching a start-up or property investing business. As a professional sportsman I know the price I often had to pay for success – the same is true of anyone who wants to reach and stay at the top of their professional game: you make repeated sacrifices; you focus 100% on the end result and rely on a solid backdrop of team players and mentors to drive you forward. I couldn’t have achieved what I have done without having the right people around me.”

In 2015, Roger and Steve, under the guise of BackleyBlack, met Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA), one of the world’s leading providers of professional training programmes in the field of property investment, entrepreneurship and trading stocks. Both parties felt that there was an absolute synergy between successful investing and success in sport and that peak performance in any walk of life is only achievable with the right training, power team and resources.

A new partnership has since formed, creating Perform in Property, launched in Spring 2016, fusing both organisations as leaders in each of their respective fields. For Roger, this new venture makes perfect sense in relation to his expertise and working relationship with Steve Backley, adding:-

“I have met so many students, mentors, trainers and company personnel from LEA and have been blown away by how friendly and supportive everyone is of one another. As someone who has always been driven by team spirit, I found the company’s family-like nature both familiar yet a little surprising. I would have imagined that a group full of successful property investors might be ‘gung ho’ and aggressive but this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“Some of the stories I have listened to have both moved and inspired me towards the next part of my investment career. Trainers share their life’s work to help others avoid mistakes that they have made in the past. Where was LEA when I sold my first property? I know I am going to learn a huge amount from my own training with LEA,’” mused Roger.

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