According to multiple media sources this week, Roger Black MBE believes that Rio 2016 Gold Medal Winner, Mo Farah, is Great Britain’s greatest track athlete. Whilst this may well be true, and of particular note to have been lauded by a fellow Olympian, the most humane aspect of Mo’s win last weekend in Rio can be seen in how he fell down and then picked himself up and went on to win the 10,000m race. This showed true ‘MoJo’ and we can all learn from it.

In terms of this heartfelt story and how it relates to each of us in our day-to-day lives, we will all face struggles along the way “In this thing called Life” and metaphorically ‘fall down’. From financial problems, to redundancy, illness, the death of a loved one or a natural disaster that wipes out your home and possessions, we cannot control our lives, 100 per cent. And this is why we all need to take better control and ownership of our finances and financial future.

Whilst part of this process involves understanding our relationship with money, it is also about knowing the difference between a financial asset and a liability. A home is not an asset if you have a 95 per cent mortgage attached to it. A car is not an asset as it starts to depreciate the minute you drive it off the proverbial forecourt. A guaranteed asset is learning how to create regular passive income streams that generate money for you, even when you sleep. Perform in Property can help you achieve this very end through investing in property – the smart way.

To become financially literate starts with the correct education. You start from the beginning and build up your knowledge and expertise through training, sourcing a power team and trusted mentors and teachers, to help you achieve your goals. You can be certain that Mo Farah didn’t achieve greatness on a stand-alone basis. As GB Olympians ourselves, we know all too well that success is a recipe made up of the right ingredients and the right people. There is definitely a ‘we’ in ‘winner’.

Mo Farah is reported to have thought about his family as a key driver for getting up again after his fall. What is your driver or ‘why’? When we fall down, regardless of whether we are an Olympian or not, we each have a choice. We need to ask ourselves “Am I going to get up or am I going to stay down?”. Isn’t it time you started to nurture your own inner ‘MoJo’?

Thanks, Steve & Roger

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