Great British Olympians Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE take performance to the next level and launch the UK’s first Perform in Property training brand with industry leaders Legacy Education Alliance, Inc.

Two of Great Britain’s best-loved Olympians, Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE, are launching the UK’s first performance training programme focused on property investment, together with professional education experts, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA).

This new brand, the first of its kind in the UK, is entitled Perform in Property and will launch in London in April 2016, fusing 25 years of BackleyBlack sporting and performance know-how with LEA’s 15-year track record of successful property investment training programmes around the world.

According to Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE:-

“We are delighted to be launching Perform in Property with Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. As any professional sports person will concur, we all know that our time on the track and field is finite. We have spent many years honing our understanding of the power and relevance of performance outside the sporting arena. During this time, we have taught business leaders the world over how and why performance is essential to any form of success in life.

“Joining forces with Legacy Education Alliance, Inc is a strategic move to teach performance enhancing skills to those seeking to build a legacy for themselves through property investment. Recent global events and research prove how and why property is probably the most secure investment one can hope for amidst today’s often unstable macro-economic backdrop. We will share with Perform in Property students our first-hand experience of performance and help them assimilate this into not only their property investment business but also into daily life,” added Steve and Roger.

Martin Foster, Vice President UK & International, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc., added:-

“The entire team welcomes Steve and Roger into the collective fold. We teach our students the kudos of power teams as well as the importance of building a legacy. Steve and Roger understand both of these essential life and business concepts, not only as sporting champions but also as parents. These two national treasures add exceptional value to our team of property investment experts and we look forward to receiving student feedback, once training programmes roll out in April 2016.”

Perform in Property fuses excellence in performance with excellence in professional education. Students signing up for Perform in Property will, over a period of up to two years of basic and advanced training, learn tried and tested property investment techniques and strategies from active property professionals, many of whom are former students giving back to the next generation of successful investors. Starting out with basic training to better understand the concepts of passive income streams, as well as how to set up a professional investment business, Perform in Property will help students define their personal vision for success. For some, a successful property investment business will just be one Buy-To-Let; for others, it might be a portfolio of 25 HMO’s. Success is a very personal journey and for those embarking on this new and unique learning programme, BackleyBlack and Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. will be hands-on to help individuals along their path towards successful performance and results.

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Editor’s Notes:-

Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA) is the UK’s most trusted provider of professional and personal development training programmes. As part of an international group of companies with headquarters in the US and current outreach in Canada, South Africa, Europe, South America, New Zealand and Asia, LEA has spent over 15 years changing lives for the better.

LEA believes that the mindset of optimum performance can be replicated across any industry or interest and is delighted to be partnering with two of Great Britain’s finest Olympians, Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE, in what is set to be a true meeting of minds with the launch of Perform in Property.